photos: from my iphone





This is me right after scraping 8 inches of powder off my car. At times like these I picture myself in Hawaii drinking guava juice between swims in the ocean. Surprisingly, it doesn’t help.

These last few days have been a little crazy. You know that 16 inches of snow I said we were expecting? Well it came, but only by half. But still, 8 inches of snow at the end of March?! Come on!

It really is beautiful, even if it does make my 45 minute commute to work take a hour and a half.

Portland gets little snow. You can tell just by watching people. Today I watched a man build a snow man on his porch, dress it, and pose for a picture with it. This is a full grown man I’m talking about.


Yellow. The color of sunshine, and summertime, and that’s what I am dreaming of right now. Listen to “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer, and look at pictures of brightly colored fruit; it will add some much longed for summertime to your day.




(Summer: please great me soon, I love you and miss you)