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I got back to The States on Friday, ah, what a trip! I am excited to share photos of the places I visited as well as some of the food that I enjoyed! Working on getting over jet leg now. I worked a long shift at the bakery the morning after getting home, exhausting! The transition home is always hard for me. Normally it takes me a few days to stop pouting about having to leave the beautiful places I visited –this trip is no different. I will be listening to this song to console my acing heart.



skillet cookie


Think of this. A whole slice  of cookie, and not just any cookie, a cookie that is chewy on the edge, but soft toward the middle. Classic chocolate chip cookie flavor, elevated to the cast iron skillet. The chocolate chips melt down to the bottom almost creating a 100% chocolate crust. The pure butter flavor is mingling with chocolate and vanilla is always a crowd pleaser.

And another AWESOME thing about a skillet cookie: there is non of this stupid scooping out drops of cookie dough onto cookie sheets. I hate that part, normally I make the dough and my mom scoops it onto the sheets. So this fixes that problem.

Anyway, some links:

Bacon Van Gough 

Got Bill Grander’s newest book for my birthday. Love Bill!

A recipe I wrote for The Nourishing Gourmet blog

Newest blog crush: My New Roots

100 rules for dinner (via A Cup of Jo)

Crepe cones (Via Oh Joy!)

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sticky toffee pudding & things i love


If you’ve been reading the blog for a while you know about my infatuation with England. My 2 trips to there are testimony to that. Though my sister gets the honor of being stopped in airpots asking if she has any relation to Kate Middleton, I like to remind her that Kate is not a princess. She’s still just a Duchess. Though when Pippa (Kate’s little sister) released her book based on food and entertaining, I thought maybe we really are leading parreal lives with the Middletons. Oh how I wish that were true. Wouldn’t that mean I end up with Harry?



That whole rant on the Royal Family is to say: sticky toffee pudding is a classic British dessert. I had it several times when I was in England, and the moist cake with a great carmen sauce is divine. This turned out pretty darn good if I do say so. Though I probably would have enjoyed it better with a view of Big Ben, or possibly tucked in a small cafe in Oxford.

Also, I have to admit, this recipe is tweaked from “Kate’s favorite sticky toffee pudding recipe

Here are a few of the things that give beauty to my everyday life:

20130403-Sticky Toffee

My avocado plant that I started from a seed nearly 3 years ago + some store bought flowers that got a wild makeover from a few roadside weeds.

My littlest brother mid-nap.  (Some photos of him at 24 hours old)

20130403-Sticky Some broken sunglasses from Paris that now grace my bookshelf (Ruhlman’s Twenty and Sprouted Kitchen shown) . Currently reading Les Miserables.

Some British & foodie links:

Loving the blog: a la mode

Another lovely photog blog

The Queen & Kate on the Tube in London

honey & jam, a wonderful food blog

Of course, Pippa Middleton’s book

A whole food and vegetarian blog, Cookie + Kate 

The Mayflower Pub is where I had my last British Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Love this blog name: The Crepes of Wrath (!)

A guide to dim sum

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blackberry cream puffs

Eggy shells with sugary-crunchy top, filled with whipped cream what has been spiked with blackberry jam. Um, yes, you did just read that sentence right. I love putting a little kick of something unexpected in the ordinary. Just by looking you would think that those are just normal innocent cream puffed guys. But no! Those are infused with my mother’s homemade blackberry jam. Giving you a chic little number that is sure to impress.

I remember making cream puffs with my grandma when I was little. Every time I make a choux now, I always think of that time in her kitchen: We had just added the flour to the hot milk, and the directions said to cook it until there was a film on the bottom of the pot, and that should take about 3 minutes. Well, ours had a film within a minute. My grandma, leaning over my shoulder and giving the mixture a good stir said, “well aren’t we just ahead of the class”. I don’t know why that one memory stuck in my head above all the other cooking adventures my grandma and I had. So if your choux dough is done before 3 minters, remember you are just ahead of the class.

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brownie pops


I made these for a joint family birthday party, what a hit! I had never attempted cake pops or brownie pops before, but they are worth the work. I know I am rather late on the trend, better late then never.

To adorn the top of the cake pops I used sprinkles for the kiddos, flur de sel, and pomegranates  I must say, the flur de sel was the best bite. I used blackberry jam to hold the cake pops together rather then the classic frosting “glue”. To me, using that much frosting is a little overdone, and my hom made jam held it together just fine.

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