recipe: lemon bars

First off, I would like to comment on the ugly styling and composition of the above photo. This will probably go down as one of the worst styled food photos on my blog. It’s so unlike me, first off I used flash. Flash?! I hate flash, it’s about on the same hate-level as running.

The oozing filling, and falling apart nature of this photo will probably tell you most of what you need to know about these lemon bars. Shortbread crust, with a slightly tangy, totally lemony filling…

By chance I picked up this book Tartine at the library quite a few years ago. The first time I cracked open the pages, I fell on love. My Grandma got the book for me a few months later, and a few hours after that I was on a obsessed to cook everything in that book. It has become one of my can’t-live-without cookbooks. And visiting the  Tartine Bakery in San Fran is so on the bucket list.

Anyway, you can follow the recipe here.


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This is me right after scraping 8 inches of powder off my car. At times like these I picture myself in Hawaii drinking guava juice between swims in the ocean. Surprisingly, it doesn’t help.

These last few days have been a little crazy. You know that 16 inches of snow I said we were expecting? Well it came, but only by half. But still, 8 inches of snow at the end of March?! Come on!

It really is beautiful, even if it does make my 45 minute commute to work take a hour and a half.

Portland gets little snow. You can tell just by watching people. Today I watched a man build a snow man on his porch, dress it, and pose for a picture with it. This is a full grown man I’m talking about.

robby is tarzan



How did it get to be Saturday already? I have been a very bad blogger recently.

Forgive me, my lovelies.

These are some pictures I snapped this afternoon with my little brother. We have a hay loft that is magical, so we dected to make some pictures in it.

Don’t you think hardwood floors and bales of hay are the makings for an wonderful hideout?




recipe: pear and hazelnut flatbread

lovelovelovelove. How can you go worong with pears, hazlenuts and home-made flat bread, you really can’t.

I had made flat bread before with some friends, and it was so good, and easy! You really should try it.

I found the recipe for the flatbread here.


  • 9 ounces plain all-purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 ounces milk
  • 2 tablespoon olive oil, plus extra for greasing
  • 2 d’ anjou pears, thinly sliced
  • 2 tablespoons honey warmed
  • 1/2 cup chopped hazelnuts
For the dough: Sift the flour, sugar, salt, and baking powder into a medium mixing bowl. In another bowl, mix together the milk and oil.

Make a well in the center of the flour mixture and pour in the liquid mixture. Slowly mix together the dough by working from the center and incorporating the flour from the edges of the ‘well’, to make a smooth, soft dough. Knead well for 8 to 10 minutes, adding a little flour if the dough is too sticky.

Place the dough into an oiled bowl, cover with a damp tea-towel and leave in a warm place for at least 1 hour, or until the dough has doubled in size. Then knock the dough back or punch the dough down, and divide and form into five equal-size balls.

Preheat the grill to high heat (I did around 450). Place a heavy baking sheet on the upper shelf of the grill to heat (if you have a pizza stone it works very well).

On a lightly-floured work surface, using a lightly-floured rolling pin, roll the dough balls out quite thinly, ideally in a teardrop shape, but really this is just aesthetic. Top with a layer of sliced pears, brush with warm honey, and sprinkle with hazelnuts.
Place the naans onto the hot baking sheet and grill for just 1 to 2 minutes, or until lightly browned.



recipe: peach, three cheese, and prosciutto monte cristo

I have never made a monte cristo before, I have had it in restaurants, so I decided to make one myself. This is my version of a monte cristo.

Many flavors make up this sandwich, spicy cheese, sweet jam, and the aged parmesan, I love conflicting flavors right now. So interesting, and yummy.

  • 2 slices sourdough bread
  • 3 slices prosciutto
  • cheddar cheese
  • parmesan cheese
  • pepper jack cheese
  • handful baby spinach
  • tablespoon dijon mustard
  • tablespoon peach jam
  • 1 egg
  • splash milk
  • butter

Whisk the egg and milk in a small bowl, transfer to a plate.

Build the sandwich, layer cheeses, and prosciutto on the bread. Heat a small skillet over medium heat skillet and melt a tablespoon of butter in it. Dip each side of the sandwich in the egg mixture. Place the sandwich in the skilet, put a plate ontop, and then a heavy can on top of the plate (to create a pinene effect). Cook on each side until lightly browned, and cheeses are melted.

Open the sandwich, spread one pieace of the bread with a heavy layer of mustard, and the other with jam, then  add spinach.