recipe: brie and apple baguettes

My lovely readers!

I am back stateside! I am so excited to show you what I have learned about food durning my trip, and also share my picture with you!

To kick off the string of French food, that I assure you is coming, is a
baguette sandwich. My sister and I had this on a small town right outside Omaha beach. We decided to recreate it tonight for dinner. And I must say, we nailed it. We were only missing the crash of the French seaside.



Also, we added chicken to one of the sandwiches, you can see it on top. You can add meat, or leave it just cheese and apple!

1 large baguette,cut in half, or 2 small
1 granny smith apple, thinly sliced
1/2 large wedge brie, sliced
A handful baby spinach
Butter, softened
Course ground mustard

Slice the baguettes down the middle. Spread one side of the opened baguette with mustard, and the other with butter.
Arrange a thin layer of spinach inside each baguette. Add a layer of apples on top of the spinach, followed by the brie, finish with another layer of apple slices.

I am super stoked to show you my pictures from my trip! It was an amazing trip! Inspirational with the foods I ate and the sights I saw.



photos: from my iphone





This is me right after scraping 8 inches of powder off my car. At times like these I picture myself in Hawaii drinking guava juice between swims in the ocean. Surprisingly, it doesn’t help.

These last few days have been a little crazy. You know that 16 inches of snow I said we were expecting? Well it came, but only by half. But still, 8 inches of snow at the end of March?! Come on!

It really is beautiful, even if it does make my 45 minute commute to work take a hour and a half.

Portland gets little snow. You can tell just by watching people. Today I watched a man build a snow man on his porch, dress it, and pose for a picture with it. This is a full grown man I’m talking about.

remembering 2011 with moleskines and iphones

I wanted to remember 2011. Finding the best way was the question. I take a bunch of pictures, but not a ton of my personal life. When it comes to keeping my life inorder, and documenting my iPhone gets all the credit. Between Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, I had happy-snappy pictures to boot; so I printed them. I printed 183 pictures off my phone, memories out the ears! Everything from a new pair of shoes, to packing to to go Italy, and everything in between.


I used the Walgreens iPhone app to easily order my prints (no, I do not recommend printing anything other then phone pictures at Walgreens.), and got these Moleskines.

I just pasted the pictures in the Moleskine, one for last winter/spring, one for summer, and one for fall/this winter, and wrote short quirky captions.

A cheater’s scrapbook.


-madey edlin