remembering 2011 with moleskines and iphones

I wanted to remember 2011. Finding the best way was the question. I take a bunch of pictures, but not a ton of my personal life. When it comes to keeping my life inorder, and documenting my iPhone gets all the credit. Between Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, I had happy-snappy pictures to boot; so I printed them. I printed 183 pictures off my phone, memories out the ears! Everything from a new pair of shoes, to packing to to go Italy, and everything in between.


I used the Walgreens iPhone app to easily order my prints (no, I do not recommend printing anything other then phone pictures at Walgreens.), and got these Moleskines.

I just pasted the pictures in the Moleskine, one for last winter/spring, one for summer, and one for fall/this winter, and wrote short quirky captions.

A cheater’s scrapbook.


-madey edlin