strawberry butter on toast & honey latte

Honey in my coffe is one of my favorite ways to drink coffee. It’s a nice change from the plain coffee with just a little bit of half-and-half that’s my normal go-to. Besides being so much healthier then plain sugar, the flavors of the honey play so nicely with the coffee. Do you have any sugar alternatives that you put in your coffee? I’m always looking for new ways to enjoy my morning cup.

Strawberries, honey, butter, and lemon are mingled together then spread on warm toast. The butter melts into the toast while the flavors sing a spring song.

Some links for your weekend:

Humming Bird Bakery. A bakery in London with “authentic American cakes”

I got a wonderful email from a reader, she sent me a link to her blog. I just have to share it! It’s so beautiful! Local Haven

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coffee (a perfect french press)

How to make an amazing French Press:

You will need:

.French Press. Boiling Water. Fresh ground coffee (I use local Stumptown). Four Minute Timer.

Grind coffee beans to a coarse consistency.

Boil water.

I use about 8 tablespoons coarsely ground coffee per 16oz pot.


Place ground coffee in french press.

Pour boiling water over grounds all at once.

Replace lid.

Brew for 4 minutes.


Enjoy the goodness.