what I love right now

Reading: Bonhoeffer, Parisian Chic, and Saving Leonardo. Loving the 5-year Q&A journal my dear friend got me.

A teasing hint of sunshine, and my comfy-cozy weekend mocks. (That my little brother is jealous of)

My sock monkey, I have a deep affection for him.

Waking up to fresh blueberry muffens on a Sunday morning.

New Essie nail color, “fun in the gondola”. (I almost like the name more then the color)

Listen to “Good LIfe” by One Republic, listen to it all day.

New favorite in the closet: Red wellies from J. Crew

London Underground map from The Paper Source 

A quirky red necklace to spice up a simple outfit

Highlights from this week:

  • Getting my desktop hard drive fixed, and having Mac not charge me for it.
  • Spending time with my sister-in-law
  • Coming home to my sister and brother-in-law being at my house.
  • Spotify
  • My new shower curtain (!!!!!!!)
  • Dropping my phone by the mailbox on my way home, and not releasing it until the next evening. Thanks to Apple for making hearty iPhones, it was totally fine.
  • Finishing my memory books of 2011
  • Listening to Taylor Swift’s “Ours”, and “Good LIfe” by One Republic
  • The sunshine peeking through my window in the morning

Cheers for now.