update: the cookbook

Look at that. Do you see that beauty of a book cover? Isn’t it positively beautiful?

It’s been a year now that I have been working on this cookbook, what started out as a “maybe in the future” idea turned into a hear and now idea, and it’s something that’s nearly finished. I can’t  give you a release date, yet, but soon, very soon you will know when you can order your own copy of Three O’Clock Coffee. Ah, doesn’t that sounds nice? Your very own copy of my book. I will tell you that things are coming along nicely, and I am exceedingly happy about how things are looking, I CANNOT WAIT to show you more of the book!

Cheers for now, my dears.

recipe testing: black goo

I had a big fail. Eight times I failed to be exact. When I failed, what I created looked something like that weird black stuff that made Spiderman evil. It kinda crawled down the garbage disposal. I’m not being dramatic, it was an odd whatever-you-wanna-call-it.

I was trying to make something along the lines of a hard carmel (details you may not know, until you are holding a copy of my book). And I could not get it right. Over about two weeks I kept testing this recipe. And every time the candy would resolve in a separated butter and burned sugar mixture. That was not the carmel I was looking for.

I noted that I was using unsalted butter. Maybe that had to do with the molecules in the butter reacting to the heat? So I tried salted butter, I tested that another three times. Nope. Still fail.
Finally my mother decided she would show me how it was done. I was game, if she could school me in candy making at least we could have a result. Nota. She failed too. Twice, actually.
But it wasn’t my Mother’s master candy making skills that scared the butter into separating, and the sugar into burning.

It was the stupid pot I was using.

Eight times I tried, and my mom tried twice! Finally on my last attempt, I used my cast iron skillet. It worked like a charm.

So I guess the thin semi cheap pot I was using somehow burned the candy before it could even get the chance to cook together. Weird, huh? Taught me a lesson: Cast iron skillets are way underrated.

Do any of you have an idea why the cheaper pot did that? I have no idea, and just guessing that it’s because he bottom was thinner?

happenings: writing a cookbook


I have some news.

I’m writing a cookbook. This is by far the craziest, strangest, hardest, endeavor that I have ever been on. I have been testing, and photographing for weeks. I haven’t wanted to tell you until I had more of an idea of what this strange thing called writing a cookbook is all about. But now I am excited to share my failures, wins, and melt downs that I have had, and will have with my “cookbookery”. Stay tuned for more info, and to stay updated on what’s new with the “book”.