how to: stove top espresso

This is the top with the filter on the bottom.

This is the bottom with the cone inserted (where coffee goes).

(This is the bottom without the cone insert)

Fill it with water.

This is the cone insert, where the coffee goes.

Put the cone in the bottom part, and fill it with finely ground coffee, but do not tamp it down.

Screw the top on.

Turn on just enough heat to heat the bottom without touching the handle.

Wait for the coffee to start bubbling out.

Wait for it…

Ah! There is it!

(let it percolate until all the water is used)

black and white, and facebook


Strange how we become dependent on things, isn’t it? I want to be dependednt on few things, the nessacary things; God, chocolate, my family, my sister, but byond that, what do I need to be dependent on? Please, correct me if I’m wrong.

Anyway. I found I was too dependent on Facebook, so I deactivated it. It took me weeks to gather the courage to do so. The scary part was that when I was deleting my account (and when I say me, I mean my brother, I couldn’t figure out how) my hangs shook. Why? Fear of what people might think? Fear that I actually couldn’t handle not having Facebook? Why is it such a big deal do get rid of something as frivolous as Facebook? It scared me that I couldn’t handle something as small as not having Facebook.


If you follow me on twitter you see many photos of food. A uncommon amount of those kinds of pictures. I’m working on something, I am not going to tell you what; not yet. But I am very excited to show you. You can follow my Twitter @madeykedlin

Question, where do you fine the most inspparation?






P.S. This week is going to be Black and White week on the blog :)

have a cozy christmas weekend!

Tonights the big night durning the Christmas season, trimming the tree. My out-of-the-house siblings are spending the night, so we can get the tree today and decorate it tomorrow. These days are some of the best of the year.

What are your Christmas plans for this coming week? My grandparents and I had our traditional ornament shopping trip this past Tuesday. My Grandpa has gotten me an ornament since I was 4 years old. (And turned me into a ornament snob.) We have made of day of hunting down the perfect ornament together for about 5 years now.

For my photographer friends: IPS has released their 2012 calendar. (Europe again this Summer!!)


I am playing around with watermarks. Not sure I like watermarking, but part of me thinks that a picture looks polished with a watermark. What do you think?


-madey edlin

the geiger family in north dakota

I visited north dakota last week to see my wonderful friend, while I was there we did some pictures. I love the farm life-style feeling of these pictures. Quite wonderful.

Oh, and sorry that my blog had looked like a 13 year old has been coding it. I am working on it. Almost done, somethings have yet to be done. At the moment I feel like throwing my computer out my window, and cursing CSS coding to the wind. Why is it necessary to have coding? Why can’t we all just talk on normal english?!

Any way…

Happy Thanksgiving week!!!