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I am snobby about quite a few things, any of my friends will tell you that. And I am going to add one more to the list: pumpkin puree. I think it was about 4 years ago (yes, I was the 14 year-old that stayed home to puree a pumpkin) I pureed a pumpkin for a pie and there was no turning back. Yeah, it’s work, but worth it. For the past few falls I have been pureeing about a dozen pumpkins, and then freezing the puree in 1 cup zip lock bags.

I feel like a mom writing this post, but seriously, making your own puree at home is worth it. Take it from a single 18 year old.

How to:::

Cut a sugar pumpkin in half, remove the stem, and scoop out all of the seeds and “guts”. Cut each half of the pumpkin into quarters. Using a sharp veggie peeler, peel each piece of pumpkin (or you can steam the pumpkin with the skin on, and take it off after it’s steamed). In a large pot add about 2 inches of water, toss in your peeled pumpkin and turn on your stove to low to medium low. Cover and cook until the pumpkin is fork tender.

Process your steamed pumpkin in a food processor until completely smooth.

It will keep in the fridge for a little over a week, or you can freeze it.

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