photos: the magic of rooftops

Isn’t there something magical about rooftops?


9 thoughts on “photos: the magic of rooftops

  1. Reblogged this on Being Epic and commented:
    yep, i concur': there is something magical about rooftops. esp when j was young, like from 5 years old to about 20 more or less. they were an escape, at a time when people are under a bunch of types of various ‘authority’-related entities; parents, older siblings, teachers, coaches, friends’ parents, etc. it was so nice to carefully — with an ‘indiana jones-james bond’ type self-conception, like a primal nature boy climbing trees in the jungle (‘legend of greystoke,’ lol). as day turned to night, sunsetting, star-gazing, talking to a girl on the phone, etc., … thank you, roofs!

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